Swem's Great Danes is located in Southwest Missouri on a small farm just outside of Neosho, Missouri. We are not big time breeders or a large facility, we do not always have puppies. We may have a litter or two each year. Our Danes are our family pets first. We raise our puppies one litter at a time.

We are not raising show dogs, or recreation dogs. We are raising family members, and good long loving healthy pets. We have a love of these animals and a great respect for them. The decision to breed them was not taken lightly. We have chose our Danes carefully as our family members and pets first. Their temperaments are wonderful, intelligent, easily trained, affectionate and very devoted.

The families we choose for our puppies are chosen carefully to ensure they are well taken care of and that they receive the love and attention needed. If you think a Dane might be right for your family or if you would like more information about our Dane family feel free to contact us we love talking Danes!