SGD Puppy Contract:

Swem's Great Danes

Neosho, MO 64850





Puppy Sales Contract this is a contract between the seller & buyer



1.   The puppy must be examined by a practicing licensed Vet within 3 business days of receiving your new puppy. Buyer must return a copy of the Vet visit report within 10 days of receiving your new puppy by mail or e-mail or they will void their health guarantee.


2.   If the puppy expires, buyer MUST have followed your Licensed Veterinarian's advice and have a necropsy (autopsy) performed. (At the buyers expense by your state lab and must provide seller a certified copy of such report).


3.   Seller does not guarantee against common problems such as diarrhea, wormy stool, coccidiosis, giardia, ear mites, external parasites, and or stress due to shipping and or their new home. Other minor non life threatening problems are not covered under this guarantee and are the responsibility of the buyer.


4.   Any and all Veterinarian expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


5.   No guarantee can be given as to size, color, quality, or fertility.


6.   All Show Prospects are sold only as potential winners.


7.   Completing your puppy's infant vaccination series and annual boosters are required. The owner must be able to provide Veterinarian documentation if requested.


8.   Minor health problems that can be cured by medication and or surgery are not covered by any guarantee.


9.   Seller is responsible for genetic defects until 26 months of age.


10.  Buyer agrees to keep their new puppy isolated from other animals until all infant series of shots are completed in order to avoid any contagious diseases (Until 12 weeks of age).


11.  Buyer and Seller agree that this puppy has no known health problems and has been checked by a licensed Veterinarian and issued a Missouri State Health Certificate before leaving the sellers care.


12.  Buyer agrees that if buying a female puppy and intend to breed that said dog will not be bred prior to 18 months of age. Buyer agrees that if buying a male puppy and intend to breed that said dog should not be allowed to breed prior to 12 months of age.


13.  All legal matters shall be handled in Newton County, City of Neosho, MO. 64850


14.  If the buyer should break any part of this contract agreement at any point the buyer acknowledges that their guarantee is and will be voided.



15.  The seller does not guarantee against problems within the Great Dane breed that is to be considered normal and non-life threatening, such as: Cherry Eye, Entroption, and Gastric Torsion of the stomach such as bloat or colic. These are NOT considered to be a genetic defect.


16.  Your puppy will leave us with all age appropriate vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep their new puppy up to date on all required vaccinations and to not socialize your puppy with other dogs, dog parks, pounds, humane society and other places until his complete infant shot series is completed. These are places that your new puppy could possibly pick up these diseases. (At least 12 weeks of age is recommended).


17.  The seller shall not be responsible for the development of non - genetically derived faults, diseases, or disorders after the puppy leaves the seller.


18.  Buyer and Seller agree that AKC Registration Puppy Application shall be completed and returned to AKC within 1 month of owning your new puppy.


19.  If said puppy is being sold on a limited registration your puppy is required to be altered (spay or neutered) by 12 months of age for females and no later than 18 months for males. AKC Registration Puppy Application still needs to be completed and returned to AKC within 1 month.


There is no oral representation or warranties not

Contained herein. This contract of sale contains the entire

Agreement between the parties.

All implied guarantees are hereby excluded.



The Buyer has read and agrees to the above written guarantee:



Name of Buyer (print)










Phone and email:










Please print / sign and return by mail to:

LaShay Swem

11715 Jute Rd.

Neosho, MO 64850


Once received – A digital copy will be recorded and sent back to you for your records at the above address / email of buyer.